The mission of Autism Unites, Inc. (d.b.a. The First Guild) is to bring the message of a new way of seeing the broad spectrum of disconnection with which people suffer, including autism, on a visual and tangible level through FILMS.

Our organization received 501 c3 status in January 2008 under the name of Dance Into Unity, Inc. The main purpose of the charity was to raise autism awareness through visible dance productions. We were able to reach thousands of people through performing arts venues in the theaters of Los Angeles.

In addition, our organization created workshops teaching youths to connect through dance. Our 2012 workshops were featured in the award-winning documentary film “Through the Heart of Tango” which we did in collaboration with Joey Travolta’s Inclusion Films. See our history page.

We changed the name of our organization in 2014 to Autism Unites, Inc. and in 2016, we added d.b.a. The First Guild. Our goal is to focus on healthy identity formation through innovative films and educational programs.  See our activities pertaining to this subject at