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Creating Jobs


Match-A-Friend: The Art of Connection through business

We believe that sustainable business is based on quality connections. The object of Autism Unites and its extension, The First Guild (TFG), is to provide a platform for education and job training, essential in building such connections.  This unique platform is based on the Match-A-Friend model.

Through Match-A-Friend, TFG focuses on the following goals: 1) Establish connection with a business; 2) Define the business’ needs; 3) Build and harness connections that business needs to be sustainable.

2/27/2014 - Autism Unites' Fundraiser introducing Match-A-Friend as a solution for creating sustainable jobs for individuals with autism.

Match-A-Friend Legacy

Match-A-Friend is the legacy of Adam, a young adult with autism who passed away on June 3rd, 2014 at the age of 20. Autism Unites is an homage to Adam, and its mission is to use the Match-A-Friend model for creating sustainable and meaningful jobs for individuals on the autism spectrum. Read our history.

Sustainable Business is Based on Connections

Match-A-Friend is the art of connection through business. This type of friendship is not freely available – this type of friendship must be built and fostered. Through Match-A-Friend, individuals with autism and other challenges can team up with specially trained friends/coaches in entrepreneurial projects with a unifying end goal. The result is people who derive meaning and satisfaction from expressing who they are and seeing value in what they do, with a significant, tangible contribution to the world through their sustainable business.

Match-A-Friend online store

Introducing FifilleJolie.com

Today, the vintage and antique connoisseur’s marketplace FifilleJolie.com is dedicated to carrying out the legacy of Autism Unites through its support of projects which turn the interests, qualities and dreams of individuals – whether on the autism spectrum or not – into sustainable business enterprises based on the model of Match-A-Friend and the Art of Connection. 

In this video, a former foster youth, Jackiee Blossoms, talks about her training experience as Social Media Specialist for FifilleJolie.com online store.  Support our programs by shopping  at FifilleJolie.com and enjoy a great shopping experience!

6/3/2014 - introducing "Beyond 5-star Hosting",an educational and training Hosting platform.

Match-A-Friend Hosting

Introducing "Beyond-5-Stars"

On June 3, 2016, the 2nd anniversary of Adam’s passing, Autism Unites introduces “Beyond 5-star Hosting”, a platform for training Airbnb Hosts based on the Match-A-Friend model. In this video, Leah Marzan, the owner of a boutique hotel, shares why quality connections are so important to any business.

6/3/2014 - introdusing "Beyond 5-star Hosting",an educational and training platform for Superhosts!

Match-A-Friend Tours

Introducing TheFirstGuild.com/Tours

Autism Unites and its task force, The First Guild are to provide training and employment readiness for young adults with autism and former foster care youth. These young adults will work in a pair with a professional coach / friend. The training will be based on Autism Unites’ Match-A-Friend model to assure a positive and meaningful experience for everyone.

Community Outreach

building the foundation

autism unites hosts seminar with CCPD

On August 20th Culver City Police Chief Scott Bixby, Captain Allen Azran, Lieutenant Jason Sims, Captain Ron Iizuca, and Officer Toby Raya participated in a seminar with Autism Unites and Emily Iland who teaches special education at California State University.

Jiu-Jutsu Training Program

Tarjei Hass, our Community Outreach Coach, has been a Jiu-Jutsu assistant at Gerson Sanginitto’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy (http://gersonsanginittobjj.com/) says:

My vision is to bring Jiu-Jitsu to schools.  My Jiu-Jitsu training with Gerson gave me the structure that I so desperately needed. I believe that learning the art of Jiu-Jitsu helps to develop strong and healthy identity. My vision is to bring this to the world.t

“CCPD has forged a valued partnership with Autism Unites”

On behalf of myself and the Culver City Police Department I would like to express our sincerest appreciation and admiration for the work being done by Autism Unites.
scott bixby, chief of ccpd