About Autism Unites

Autism Unites is dedicated to helping individuals with autism integrate into the communities through the power of positive connections.

Autism Unites received 501 c3 status in January 2008. The main purpose of the charity was to raise autism awareness through visible dance productions. and we were able to reach thousands of people through performing arts venues

Since 2012, our organization created workshops teaching youths with and without autism to connect. We developed a series of workshops called Match-A-Friend. We matched young adults with and without autism, teaching them to connect through dance.

Autism Unites fundraiser. February 27, 2014

After watching the incredible results of Match-A-Friend connections, we realized that this model is a key to creating sustainable and enjoyable jobs not only for young adults with autism, but for youth from all walks of life.

Our goal is to connect youth based on their interests and provide hands-on training leading to sustainable jobs.

Paving the road to Match-A-Friend enterprises