The mission of Autism Unites, Inc. is to create and promote a working model of a sustainable community based on collaboration through business of individuals with and without autism, based on the model called Match-A-Friend.

Sustainable community starts with a well designed plan, a seed that would give birth to a beautiful structure. The First Guild (TFG) is the project of Autism Unites is aimed to define such plan, plant the seed and see it grow.


The community will start with a team of individuals who would plan and start the first household, which would give birth to the sustainable community.


Sustainable community: a network of guilds connected

  • The community will start with a household, which have to become sustainable immediately.
  • The household will produce value and run as a guild, a micro enterprise with a defined business plan.
  • The guid will have a master and apprentices.
  • Guild master will know the trade, manage the household, oversee the order in the guild.
  • In order to become a guild master, the individual must apply for the internship position. If accepted, the intern must receive a training for one year from the master teacher(s). Upon the successful completion of the training the intern will be assigned the title of a guild master and be trusted to have apprentices. The example of the intern would be a college graduate who is looking for the internship.
  • Apprentice is youth 14-18 years who will living in the guild household. He/she will learn the trade and helping guild master to run the household.