Ayurvedic Bazaar: Tulsi Tea

from Ingrid Berman’s Newsletter ingrid@bioethika.com

“In today’s world, our perceptions are blocked by a huge variety of intrusive factors that include chemical inhibitors, electromagnetic intruders, and sociopolitical info blitzes that undermine our capacity to see, think, and understand. If you ask how many people have to go into therapy to find themselves or how many take drugs to change how they feel or see, then we have some idea of how obscured our realities have become.

I realize that it is no accident that we are too damaged to see the Truth of our own existence. You could say that some of this damage occurs very early in life in the home, but domestic unrest is subsidized by things like fluoride that disrupt the brain’s ability to perceive relationship in a correct light. I am choosing my words carefully because some of the lights in the brain do not work properly so we have to repair the synapses and receptors to regain a grip on reality, a reality that has probably been out of focus for millennia. Recovery involves detoxification, the removal of ama, and the igniting of the pathways of perception that have been blocked.

In Ayurveda, there are countless herbs for detoxification and one of the most valued is Tulsi Tea.

In addition to all the hymns of praise to tulsi that have been written over the last few thousand years, I would like to remind people that tulsi leaves also demonstrated the capacity to remove fluoride from water. As such, my blend will make a superb sun tea. You see, I had to find the niche. Besides, having tried other tulsi teas, I was bored so I jazzed up my blend to give it extra taste and efficacy. In its own right, tulsi is a premier rasayana herb. Like most basils, it is a nervine, but it is balancing to the mind and therefore aids consciousness. To support its action on the brain, I have added gotu kola; and to enhance taste, there is some support from lemongrass and ginger. You might call this “Tulsi Zing” to give it a companion with my “Triple Zing” which is a blend of gingers, including galangal. Like all my teas, this is a bulk tea or loose leaf tea, whichever term you like. It means there are no tea bags. You can use a coffee/tea press or infuser/tea ball to make the tea to suit your own palate. This tea will taste very nice when iced and consumed on warm summer days. It will also be wonderful warm when sipped an hour or two before bed time. All the herbs are organic and, well, I’m pleased with this effort, and to encourage you to try these new products, they are 20% off with the coupon code “Mother” (without the quotation marks).”


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