Featured image above: Autism Unites fundraising event at Joxer Daly’s in Culver City, CA on July 26th… was a BLAST! — raised some funds and made new friends… great job to our performers including Doug Osborne, Punch Drunks, and speaker Graeme Lakin & thanks to Susan for organizing!! — with Susan Osborne, Graeme Lakin, Anna Perkins, Robert Aaron Perkins, Noah Justin Trevino, Lana David and Doug Osborne.

Joxer Daly'sCome join us for a fun evening featuring artists Doug Osborne,
Punch Drunks and We are the West.

Joxer Daily will be donating a % of proceeds to Autism Unites.
Location: 11168 Washington Blvd,  Culver City, CA 90230

All the funds will go directly toward helping young adults with autism so they can lead happy, healthy and productive lives.  We’re using this event not just as a fundraiser but to raise autism awareness.

20 total raffle items. Among them are:
$250 (an overnight stay at the Culver Hotel)
$150 (Costo gift card from the Culver City Police Foundation).

Here is the schedule for the night.

8:00        Doors Open
8:15-8:30 Intro by MC (It’lll be me unless we find someone better)
                 What is Autism Unites: helping young adults integrate through positive connections
                 Promote raffle
                 Intro Doug
8:30-8:45  Doug Osborne – please promote raffle at least one time during set
8:45-9:00  MC
                  More info on AU & Autism
                  Intro speaker
                Young Adult with autism speaker (looking to confirm) – 5 minutes max time
                   Promo raffle & give out raffle items
                   Intro Punch Drunks
9:00-9:45   Punch Drunks– please promote raffle at least one time during set
9:45-10:00   MC
                   More info on AU & Autism
                   Promo raffle big tix items
                  Young Adult speaker
Contact: Susan Osborne
310-569-9308 / sosborne.asis@gmail.com