DEDICATED TO ADAM (8.25.1993 – 6.3.2014)

ADAM’S EARLY YEARS (1993 – 2002)

Autism Unites (formerly Dance Into Unity) was founded in 2006 by the family of Adam Seagal, a boy with autism. The family had a vision for Adam to live  happily in a community that would accept him and where he could grow to his full potential.  This was the first vision of Adam’s Ranch.


On November 18-19, 2006 Autism Unites presented the dance production “El Corazon del Tango” where Adams Ranch initiative was introduced.

Below is a heart-warming video narrated by actor Craig Sheffer where he talks about autism, Adam and the vision of Adams Ranch (the video was created in 2007). Since 2007 autism has grown exponentially from 1:166 to 1:50 along with the annual budget for autism which has gone from $35 billion to $137 billion.*

On May 30, 2014 Adam had a tragic accident and four days later, on June 3, passed away.


Through Autism Unites, Adam dedicated his life to serving a greater purpose.  Adam has now left in this form in order to become a new Adam, guiding us to fulfill the vision of Adams Ranch, an all-inclusive, self-sustainable community united through true connections, where the concept of separation no longer exists, a place which we can all call HOME.



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