Vocational Program Development

By Elena Alexandra

We’d like to introduce you to our friend and team-member Freddy Loaiza, who grew up on a sizable family-owned ranch in Peru. He eventually assumed responsibility for running the entire 60-person operation that specialized in growing and export of coffee & cacao. Freddy has been instrumental in the development of the D Ranch Vocational progam over the years including spending time with and being a friend to our late Adam who is the inspiration for our unique community integration model called Match-A-Friend. [for more on Freddy, check out his Bio] 
Freddy will be joining us in Solvang in the near future to further explore the development of our vocational program at D Ranch where we will be helping to create a sustainable and beautiful environment where our students will grow and prosper. We’ll keep you posted!

D Ranch Meeting: Freddy and Lana David, Autism Unites Co-Founder, with D Ranch owner, Maidy Dreyfuss, at the front door of Maidy’s beautiful home.

Freddy w-Adam

Freddy spending time with Adam