Fauna Hodel

A Fauna Hodelstaff member of Celebrity Society Magazine, Fauna Hodel is a Speaker, Author, Filmmaker, Executive Producer, and Creative Consultant who has dedicated her life to breaking down racial barriers by sharing her own experiences and encouraging individuals to pursue their dreams.

Ms. Hodel was the Executive Producer and Creative Consultant for the motion picture, Pretty Hattie’s Baby, which was based on her own life story. The film featured an all-star cast which included Alfre Woodard, Charles S. Dutton, Alison Elliot, Bobby Hosea, Jill Clayburgh and Tess Harper.

Motivational speaking credits include the Department of Communications and Inter-Racial Dialogue Club at Santa Monica College where she spoke on human rights in film; Brigham Young University where she presented a two-day seminar titled, A Story About The Color of Love; she served on the panel for Women’s Independent Film Makers at California State University, Northridge; and was a guest speaker at the Women in Power events in Honolulu to mention just a few.

In her role with Celebrity Society Magazine, a 41 year old magazine based in Beverly Hills that focuses on Philanthropy, Fauna has attended countless philanthropic events and has been a Creative Consultant to a number of artistic projects in areas ranging from music and film to art and charitable organizations.

FAUNA HODEL’S CHARITY SIZZLE REPORT will feature interviews with non-profit heads who can share with the audience how to set-up non-profits, as well as interviews with the people who have been helped by them.



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