Gilbert Dyer

Gil Dyer w120Mr. Dyer has over 20 years of hands-on business experience in consumer products, marketing, strategic planning, operations and administrative procedures. Having held  responsibilities as President  and CEO of DSW Enterprises, Inc. has served with several large companies Gerber Products Company, Heartland Bank, Universal Savings Bank, and Expo Design Center Home Depot.

Mr. Dyer began his career working for the City of Inglewood and was instrumental in developing the first ( SYEP) Summer  Youth Employment Program and worked with the police department, policy makers and stakeholders, he also work with a  team of city officials to develop the first Meals on Wheels program for seniors in the City of Inglewood CA.

Mr.  Dyer is a Principal at  ( AGT ) Alcoa  Green Technology Inc. a company that provides organizations and municipalities  with a wide range of proven technologies which saves energy increased companies profits and benefit the environment.

He is a CEO at Boemba  Products Company  a company that invented and manufacture the Buddy Guard  a medical device for minimizing pressure ulcers, bedsores and musculoskeletal disorder.


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