Professional Advisory Panel

Elaine Hall “Coach E!,” referenced by The New York Times as “the child whisperer” was a top Hollywood children’s acting coach whose life changed dramatically after her son Neal, adopted from a Russian orphanage, was diagnosed with autism. more..

Mari-Anne KehlerMary-Anne Kehler is the Director of the FRED Conference which is a national coalition of special needs professionals and families who share information and advance adult living options for people with disabilities to live with meaning and purpose.  more…

Debra Hosseini w120Debra Hosseini is the founder of “The Art of Autism national newsletter and a social-entrepreneurship project that connects over 300 artists and performers of all ages on the autism spectrum with opportunities and venues to showcase their varied talents. more..

Keri Bowers w120Keri Bowers is a speaker, filmmaker, disabilities advocate who specializes in the arts and transitions.As an international speaker, Keri’s talks and seminars include a long list of clients including governmental agencies, the military, pharmaceutical, university/colleges, hospitals, private and non-profit organizations. more…

Freddy Loaiza w120Freddy Loaiza is a leader of Autism Unites’-  Ranches and Farms Project Development.
Freddy comes from the area of the Sacred Valley of the Incas near Cusco, the Imperial City of the Incas in Peru.  There, he grew up on his family run agricultural estate  more…

Anna Korotysheva – Artist, Ballet Mistress (Kirov Ballet) and Choreographer is our liaison to world level ballet talent.

Anna Korotysheva studied ballet at the prestigious Vaganova Academy of Classical Ballet in Saint Petersburg, Russia  graduating at the top of her class. more





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Providing Autism Community Integration Solutions