Debra Hosseini

Debra Hosseini – SDebra Hosseini w120hifting Autism Perceptions:

♦ Author of Art Book “The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions”
♦ Curator for art shows & poetry featuring artists on the autism spectrum
♦ Promoter for people with neurodiversities
♦ Speaker on autism
♦ Storyteller, blogger


  • storytelling
  • art curation
  • networking
  • speaking
  • writing
  • promotion


Founder of is a microenterprise that sells greeting cards from artists on the autism spectrum. It’s run by autistic people and the cards are packaged by autistic people.

Content Curator of “The Arts of #Autism Daily” I scour social media for interesting articles on neurodiversity, creativity, art, and autism

Contributing Author of various magazines on autism write articles relating to neurodiversity, creativity, and the arts

Author of the “Art of Autism” Debra Hosseini is the author of “The Art of Autism, Shifting Perceptions.” The book features 77 artists and poets from around the world and essays by experts in the field. It’s more than an art or poetry book. It’s a book of stories of love, determination, faith, and hope. The book contains contributions by Elaine Hall, Keri Bowers, Dr. Darold Treffert, Dr. Colin Zimbleman, Dr. Stephen Shore, and Dr. Rebecca McKenzie as well as blueprints of Temple Grandin and United Nations Autism Awareness stamp winners J.A. Tan, Seth Chwast, Ryan Smoluk, and Trent Altman.

Co-Founder of “The Art of Autism Collaborative Project” The ART of AUTISM is a project that incorporates The ART of AUTISM book, art shows, live theatrical entertainment events, workshops, and films to shift consciousness and awareness regarding autism. We are committed to promoting artists on the autism spectrum as well as educating the general public about the other side of autism – the gifts. We support the artists through mentorship, building resumes, portfolios, and direct work experience. Participants in past events report an improvement in self-esteem, executive functioning skills, media exposure and often a sense of community that they have never experienced before. Most importantly, they make friends and lifelong connections.

Author, Art Curator of special projects for people with autism

Curates art shows for people on the autism spectrum. In 2011 had successful shows in Vancouver, New York City, Los Angeles, The Berkshires, Carpinteria. In 2012, shows in Ojai, Morro Bay, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Canada planned.

mom and autism author Wrote The Art of Autism: Shattering Myths and The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions. Write magazine articles about autistic artists.

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Board Member, CHANCE Inc. Board member for CHANCE Inc. which is a housing advocacy organization for people with developmental disabilities in Santa Barbara County.

Publications The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions, Texas, March 19, 2012

77 artists and poets on the autism spectrum plus contributing essays by Dr. Stephen Shore, Dr. Darold Treffert, Elaine Hall, and more.

Contributing author to following magazines:

  • Autism File magazine
  • Australian Autism Aspergers Network Magazine
  • Autism Eye
  • The U.K.
  • Artism: The Art of Autism Shifting Perceptions
  • Autism Today, Compilation of 54 artists on the autism spectrum

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