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Event 8-20-2014: BE SAFE “Ferguson, MO Reminds Parents With Black Autistic Young Men of Their Worst Nightmare”

Chris Akubuilo meets members of the Culver City, Calif., police department. Akubuilo has autism, and his mother is worried about his safety when he interacts with police. Photo Credit: Rebecca Hersher/NPR

This feedback was posted in in response to NPR story: ““For Parents of Young Black Men with Autism, Extra Fear About Police”.   It was posted by a mother whose son Elijah attended “BE SAFE” event hosted by Autism Unites on 8-20-2014.

Elijah mother writes following: “In light of the recent events surrounding the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri I again have to face one of my worst nightmares. Although my son Elijah is biracial, he appears to be a young black man who could at any time find himself the target of police violence..”. Read the full blog at: