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Nutrition – How to Make Beef Bone Stock and Tallow

Image of Beef stock and beef tallow.Learn how to Make Beef Bone Stock for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails as You Age.

Did you know that gelatin comes from bones? Your grandmother knew that gelatin was good for your skin, hair and nails. Apart from the amazing health benefits and flavor that homemade bone stocks and broths will add to your cuisine, the collagen alone from good stock will do wonders to supercharge your skin, hair and nails. Adding this amazing ingredient (internally) to your diet is much more beneficial than any conditioner, lotion or medication. If you want to know how to make your own, check out this amazing Bone Stock Recipe at

This recipe was posted by Rick Osborn on March 2, 2012 in Healthy Foods, nutrition, Recipes. It was recommended by Mischa Alexander, Autism Unites Residential Coordinator.

About Rick Osborn: Rick Osborn is an Executive Wellness Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner, Speaker and Trainer located in Raleigh, NC. He regularly consults with people to find balance and wellness through healthy eating, healthy thinking and lifestyle strategies. – See more at:

About Mischa Alexander: Mischa serves as a Residential Coordinator and the Nutrition Advisor for Autism Unites clients.