Community Integration

Chart - Environment copyIf you are a parent of a young adult on the autism spectrum, you may have many unanswered questions about your child’s future.

My daughter has no friends – how do I help her connect to young adults her own age?

My son wants a job – how do I help him find and keep one?

My daughter depends on me for all her financial support and there is no family to help.  What will happen to her after I’m gone?

For many mothers and fathers of a young adult with autism, these are just a few of the questions that Autism Unites will answer by providing programs, education and resources to help families live a healthy and happy life.


Autism Unites provides comprehensive support programs that are person-centered and coordinated between home, community and work.

By incorporating its innovative model of community integration (Match-A-Friend) into all its services, young adults receive support in real-life situations that allow integrated solutions in all aspects of their lives. Through this learning process, the young adult becomes aware of who they are, what they want, and how to achieve their life goals. They become productive and valued members of their communities capable of being role models and mentors to others.


Autism Unites believes that the collaborative approach between home, community and work offers the best opportunity for these young adults to successfully integrate into their communities.  Through the supports provided by Autism Unites Residential Support Program, Autism Spectrum Integrated Services, parents now have a resource that can allieviate the heavy burden of answering the scary and unanswered questions about their child’s future. Parents can be assured that their sons and daughters have the ability to successfully transition to a life that is meaningful, fulfilling, and satisfying .

By helping these young adults create positive connections between home, community & work, Autism Unites believes this is the best way to create environments that are accepting, nurturing and supportive. Within this environment, these young adults will feel motivated and inspired to identify their life goals and create action plans that transform their hopes and dreams into realities.


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Providing Autism Community Integration Solutions