Help Ephemera Widgit

How to use WordPress Ephemera widget?

The most common problem with wordpress new users is how to use the Ephemera widget, well that’s quite easy. New user need to complete the following simple steps to ensure that their ephemera widget work properly in the Content Sidebar

  1. From ‘Appearance’ menu on the left select ‘Widget’
  2. Drag the Ephemera widget on to ‘Content Sidebar’
  3. Enter the ‘Tag’ name i.e. ‘testing ephemera’
  4. Select your desired post format to show
  5. Click ‘save’ on the ephemera widget
  6. Add a new post
  7. On right side in Tag’s textbox enter the tag name you select earlier i.e. ‘testing ephemera’ (without quotes)
  8. Select your desire Format as you selected in step 4
  9. Select your category and Publish your post.
  10. Done!

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