Help Newsletter 1

Dear Friends of Autism Unites,

Welcome to our first newsletter!

We hope you are well and that your summer isn’t flashing by too quickly. We have been very busy putting together some great new support programs for young adults with autism. We also completely redesigned our website. We invite you visit to learn more. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

BandIt’s been several months since our big event last February when Les Joseph graciously offered his home to host a performance of Robbie Krieger and his band including super percussionist Hani Nasser. It was a wonderful evening with great music that helped us spread our message of the importance of connections for adults with autism. For those of you who were there, we are happy to have shared the night with you. All in all, it was a huge success. Autism Unites made some wonderful new connections and we were able to deliver our message in a warm and inviting environment.

A huge thank you to all our donors who generously purchased tickets and items from the silent auction as well as all the volunteers whose efforts helped to pull together a truly magical evening. You can view footage of the event at this link.The focus of event was to raise funds for a collaboration between Autism Unites and a film production company on the making of a feature-length documentary. When these plans did not materialize, Autism Unites used it as an opportunity to widen and transform the focus of the program into a 4-Week Career Exploration Workshop that we believe will serve many more adults with autism. Please click this link for more information on our 4-Week Career Exploration Workshop. We are all ready to start as soon as we enroll 4 students.

condo img 01 buildingIn addition to our Career Workshop, Autism Unites is launching an Introductory Residential Program in a beautiful two bedroom, two bathroom condo located just a few blocks north of the Third Street Promenade. This a short-term program only lasting two months, and, by the program’s end, the young adult will have completed a person-centered transition plan with the steps needed to accomplish their goals, specifically where they want to live, where they would like to work, and the types of fitness and leisure activities they would like to participate each week. The program includes a Match A Friend companion for all activities, and the Residential Match A Friend lives in the condo with the young adult. Supports include cleaning and organizing the living space, money management, career counseling, sensory regulation, executive functioning, collaborating on creative projects, and healthy eating. For more information on our Introductory Residential Program, please click this link. The program starts on October 1 and enrollment is available for 2 young adults.

event be safe 2014-8-20 img1August 20, 2014.   Autism Unites has also been busy with community events. This Wednesday from Noon to 2:30pm at the Veterans Memorial Building in Culver City, we are hosting an Interactive screening of BE SAFE, a film about law enforcement safety for teens and young adults with autism, to be facilitated by the program’s creator, Emily Iland. Several prominent non-profits are co-sponsoring the event with Autism Unites including The Help Group, Mychal’s Learning Place and F.A.C.T., and the Autism Society of Los Angeles and California Wellness Foundation are sponsoring a give-away of a free copy of the BE SAFE DVD to every attendee. Please click on this link for more information.

2014-8-01 four girlsEvery 1st Friday of each month: To help Moms of children with special needs stay connected, Autism Unites hosts at Culver Hotel First Friday Happy Hour from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. It’s open to all women but is especially tailored for the mothers of children with special needs to step out of that world for a couple hours and have fun This monthly event requires no RSVP, so please pass the invitation to any nice, friendly, and cool women that you think might like to join us. You can learn about our Culver Hotel First Friday Happy Hour at this link.

Event Joxer Daly's 7-29-2014On July 26, We had a lot of fun at our fundraiser at JOXER DALY’S  Irish Pub in Culver City featuring performers Doug Osborne, Punch Drunks, and We are the West. Some generous Culver City businesses donated items for our raffle including on overnight stay at The Culver Hotel and dinner for 2 at Sage Vegan Bisto. Micheal O’Leary, owner of Joxer Daly’s, also gave us a nice donation which raised the total for the night to over $900. We plan to make this an annual event so we hope to see you there next year!


The BridgeOn July 16, Autism Unites hosted a fun-filled day for a terrific group of young men to visit the set of the FX television series, THE BRIDGE.

Pictured on the left are Tom, Brandon, gracious host, Alex Plank who is a consultant on the show, Brandon, Graeme, Chris, and Jacob. The group got to meet many of the crew members and learned about how they got their job on The Bridge and how they chose their career path.  Hint – it’s all networking!

Autism Unites plans to organize field trips for young adults with autism to visit local businesses.  The goal will be for them conduct “informational interviews” so they can learn from these professionals to help in their own career plan as well as to start networkinging with potential employers.

Day of JoyOn May 17, Autism Unites had their first DAY OF JOY collaboration with Shane Kulman of Your Beautiful Child.  It was a beautiful afternoon at the Topanga Creek Inn with a lot of positive energy, delicious food, and incredible connections.

Autism Unites and Shane are in the planning stages for the next DOJ!

Susan-Ram-ElenaIn mid-July, Dr. Parasuram Ramamoorthi flew to Los Angeles for several days to meet with the Autism Unites team about a future collaboration with is organization, VELVI.  Dr. Ram is based in India and has an amazing history of creating all inclusive environments and using the arts to connect to individuals with autism.  Pictured on the left are Executive Director Susan Osborne, Dr. Ram, and Autism Unites Founder Elena Alexandra.

Thank you for your support of Autism Unites. We will be sending newsletters at least once a month to keep you updated on the status of all of our programs, services, and activities.

Until then, stay cool, calm, and connected!


Susan Osborne
Executive Director
Autism Unites


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