Autism Unites is an homage to Adam, who had autism and passed away at the age of 20 leaving us the legacy of Match-A-Friend and the Art of Connection.  Read our history.

Today, the vintage and antique connoisseur’s marketplace FifilleJolie.com is dedicated to carrying out the legacy of Autism Unites through its support of projects which turn the interests, qualities and dreams of individuals – whether on the autism spectrum or not – into sustainable business enterprises based on the model of Match-A-Friend and the Art of Connection.  To accomplish this, the online store donates its proceeds to The First Guild Enterprises branch.

Please visit FifilleJolie.com to support our mission and enjoy a great shopping experience!

The Fifille Team

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developing programs to make people’s dreams come true through Match-A-Friend

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Through The First Guild Enterprises branch, we are dedicated to making people’s dreams come true by turning their interests and talents into profitable and sustainable business ventures that benefit the greater community.

To make this happen we use the Match-A-Friend model bringing together people with similar goals and matching interests.

Our projects are supported by funding from FifilleJolie.com.

Let’s make great things happen!

Lana David

Webmaster and Program Developer

Elena Alexandra

Web Design and Content Creation

Autism Unites Team-2

Tarjei Hass

Community Outreach & After School Program in Jiu-Jitsu Training