Autism Spectrum Integrated Services (ASIS)

ASIS offers 3-tiers of services that can be tailored to the young adult’s needs and budget.

All tiers incorporate the Match A Friend (MAF) model of social integration.


Tier 1 is appropriate for young adults who are able to move from the parent’s or caregiver’s home into an apartment with their MAF roommate.  They are supported in maintaining their home, managing their money, scheduling appointments, communication and problem solving and staying actively involved in their communities.

Tier 2 is appropriate for young adults who wish to gradually transition from the home of their parent or caregiver.  MAF intern resides in the home of the parent or the caregiver and provides  the same services to the young adult as in tier 1.  The goal is to provide the young adult a foundation so they can eventually transition into their own apartment.


Tier 3 is the most economical way of incorporating the Match A Friend model. The same services are provided as in SLS, but the young adult is scheduled with their MAF intern on an hourly and as needed basis.


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Providing Autism Community Integration Solutions