Autism Unites is  a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation dedicated to helping young adults with autism integrate into their communities through the power of positive connections.

Autism Unites provides a variety of resources and community connections to help young adults to achieve their goal and become a valued members of the community.

At the core of our approach is the unique and innovative model of integration, called Match-A-Friend, which is tailored for each young adult helping to pave a way of integration between work, home, and community.  The ultimate goal is to help these young adults visualize their future and empower them with the tools so they can make it happen. In other words, Autism Unites helps young adults with autism transform their hopes and dreams into realities.

Video above: Match A Friend – the Power of Positive Connections

There is a dire need for services to help young adults with autism integrate into their communities.  According to current research, adults on the autism spectrum have the highest rate of unemployment of any disability category.   Some studies report that over 90% of all adults on the spectrum are unemployed or under-employed regardless of the services and supports that they have received throughout their lifetimes.

The ultimate goal  of Autism Unites is to reverse this trend and ultimately  create all-inclusive, self-sustainable communities of the future which empower all citizens.




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Providing Autism Community Integration Solutions