News: How One Teen Races Go-Karts to Victory Over Autism

“It’s a bit hard to wrap your head around it,” says Jason. “He can’t tie his own shoes or cut chicken nuggets, but yet he can race a go-kart at 100 MPH. I can’t explain it. He looks like he’s sitting in a lawn chair as if everything around him is running at a normal pace.” Read the whole article at

This year, as Austin graduates to shifter karts, it isn’t just racing on the minds of the Riley family. They’re trying to raise awareness for autism with a tour and a planned documentary, being put together by Canadian photographer Jon Blacker, detailing how Austin lives his life on and off the track.

To support Austin’s endeavors, you can purchase Racing with Autism swag from the team’s online shop or catch up with Austin during his next two stops at Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, Calif., April 22-26 or Calspeed Karting Centre in Fontana, Calif., May 8-9. Offers for funding the documentary can be made by contacting Jon Blacker through his website.


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