Partners img 1D RANCH, a home of beautiful Peruvian Horses. Located in the Santa Ynez Valley on the 40-acre hilltop in Solvang, overlooking the valley’s horse ranches and wineries. The ranch is set among rolling hills and lush green pastures set off with Spanish style architecture and white rail fencing – Paradise! The owner of D Ranch Maid Dreyfuss is a Friend and Partner of Autism Unites.


Partners - Oneness Through Art LogoOneness Through Art Productions uses the global language of the Arts to bring people together through Film and Creative Expression.

Our resident Artist Florentina, a young lady with special needs who found her voice through art, is the inspiration behind the Movement.

The founder of Oneness Through Art, Andrea M. Clarke  is on the Professional Advisory Board of Autism Unites.


Paul D’Adamo is an amazing performer, and he has become a big supporter and dear friend of Autism Unites. Paul is a founder of Paul D’Adamo’s School of Performing Arts


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Providing Autism Community Integration Solutions