Community Connections

The sucess of Autism Unites’s programs and projects would not be possible without the support of our community.

About our Community Connections

The First Guild, Inc.

The First Guild is Autism Unites’ branch, which is to provide a platform for education and job training based on the Match-A-Friend model. 

The Right Way Foundation

Autism Unites has partnered with the The RightWay Foundation to work with current or emancipated foster youth to move from a point of pain and disappointment to a point of power, productivity, and self-sufficiency.

D'Adamo School of Performing Arts

Paul D’Adamo has been a long time supporter of Autism Unites. He is a multi-talented musician and singer. Paul is a Founder of the D’Adamo School of Performing Arts in Texas where he teaches students about all different aspects of music including musical instrument lessons, music history, and songwriting,

Paul’s  recording & Live performance credits include some of the greatest musicians on the planet. Working with members of Genesis, The Phil Collins band, Peter Gabriel’s band, Elton John’s band, Sir Paul McCartney’s band, Chuck Mangione’s band, Brand X, and so many others.

Culver City CCPD

On August 20th, 2014 Autism Unites together with the creator of “BE SAFE The Movie” and Culver City Police hosted an event featuring the unique video modeling tool that teaches individuals with autism to interact safely with the police. The event had an unexpectedly large turnout of individuals and families affected by autism. Autism Unites is planning to foster this valuable collaboration to bring “Be Safe” program to community at large.

Westside School of Ballet

Westside School of Ballet, Santa Monica graciously provided its facilities and support during workshops “Beautiful”. The cast consisted of young adults with autism matched up with neurotypical peers through the Match-A-Friend principle with exceptional results including openness of expression and boost of creativity, displayed in all participants.

Unity in Diversity Arts Foundation

Unity in Diversity Arts Foundation creates cultural and educational programs for children and seniors in the areas of the arts, music, literature, paintings, photography, cinema, and theater in cooperation with many ethnic and cultural organizations. 

In May,  2009, Autism Unites in collaboration with Unity In Diversity Arts Foundation created a program “Magic of Tango” in the city of West Hollywood, Plumer Park. On May 23, 2019, “Magic of Tango” celebrated it’s 10 years anniversary.  

Meet our Team

Every one of our team members is devoted to our mission.

Elena Alexandra

Co-founder of Autism Unites

Anna Korotysheva

Ballet Master, choreographer and teacher, Autism Unites Classical ballet Liason

team-Jackiee Blossoms

Jackiee Blossoms

Community Ourreach, Intern

Tarjei Hass

Community Outreach