Employer Engagement


Hiring young adults with autism benefits our entire community.  By creating a workplace environment with natural supports, these young adults can become dedicated employees that increase productivity for the entire organization.

Autism Unites offers a variety of services to employers who are interested in hiring young adults with autism.


Autism Unites will collaborate with employers to create  paid. unpaid and volunteer job opportunities for young adults with autism.  These supports are included for all young adults enrolled in the LAVAArts  program  are provided at no cost to the employer.

This service includes defining the internship position, creating a job description and providing a Vocational Support Coordinator while on the job.  Vocational Coordinators are carefully screened and trained by Autism Unites to provide support in problem solving, stress management and making positive social connections while on the job.

For every young adult enrolled in the LAVAArts program, Autism Unites provides at no cost to the employer autism awareness training to help create environments that are supportive, nuturing, and understanding.  This training focuses incorporates the Match A Friend model of community integration which at its core is about The Art of Connection and how to maintain and sustain positive connections in all aspects of life.


For employers that are interested in educating their workforce about autism,  Autism Unites will train their workforce and provide consultation.

Autism awareness education includes basic information about autism, common strengths and challenges of individuals on the autism spectrum, and how to incorporate low and no-cost workplace accommodations.


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Providing Autism Community Integration Solutions