Parent Support Meetings

Starting in September 2014, Autism Unites will be offering monthly parent supports meetings as a community service.

There will be two meetings offered each month.  These meetings will be an opportunity for parents to learn, connect, and share resources.  The meetings will focus on giving parents pro-active tools to help not only their child but to help themselves to stay connected to themselves, their families, and their communities.

Aaron DeLand, Founder and Director of Connecting with Autism, will be facilitating the meeting for parents of infants to pre-teen aged children.  Aaron brings a wealth of experience supporting families with children with developmental disabilities and is trained in HANDLE and DIR Floortime.  He is also a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  The focus of the infant to preteen group will be to give parents the tools to develop a healthy interdependence with their child through play which is the best way to cultivate a deeper relationship with their child.

Susan Osborne, Executive Director of Autism Unites, will be facilitating the meeting for parents of teens to adults aged children.  Susan has a young adult son on the autism spectrum who was diagnosed at age 3.  She has coordinated services throughout his life up to attending community college as well as an unpaid position at Rover Kennels where he was eventually hired as a permanent employee.  Susan has extensive experience in the autism education field and has supported individuals on the autism spectrum from young children to young adults.   The focus of the pre-teen to adult group will be to give parents the tools to develop a healthy relationships with their children  to help transfer the child’s interdependence from parents to a strong network of peer connections.

The location for the groups will be in the office of Christopher Mulligan of Groupworks West, 11140 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA  90232.

The monthly dates and times will of the groups will be posted in mid-August 2014.


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