Cost of Services

Match a Friend companions are included with all services offered by Autism Unites.

Services are geared for young adults ages 18 to 35 and may extend for older students if they are a good fit and motivated to participate.

RESIDENTIAL WORKSHOP:  Introduction to Independent Living

2-Month Live-in Program 
Enrollment open for two young adults starting  October 1, 2014

$8000   DISCOUNT ONLY for Students starting 10/1/14
$9000    FULL COST of Two-Month Residential Program

Program includes all expenses and 24/7 support staff.  Additional cost of a $300 student living allowance is required to cover student’s expenses for food, transportation, and living & personal essentials

Students leave program with a person-centered transition plan with the tools needed to accomplish their goals, specifically their goals for where they want to live, where they would like to work and which types of  fitness and leisure activities they would like to participate on a weekly basis.

Program Highlights

  • Fully-furnished and equipped two bedroom, two bathroom condo located in a vibrant neighborhood  just a few blocks north of the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA
  • 2 Young adults are enrolled in program share bedroom and are supported in developing a meaningful connection to one another
  • Residential Match A Friend lives in the condo with students
  • Match A Friend companion available 24/7 for all activities
  • Washer/Dryer in unit
  • Supports provided by Match A Friends include:
    • Life Coaching
    • Essential life skills including hygiene, dental care,  and keeping physically fit
    • Making healthy foods choices and preparing nutritious meals with a focus on a plant-based diet
    • Cleaning and organizing the living space
    • Money management
    • Career counseling
    • Wardrobe counseling
    • Sensory regulation
    • Executive functioning
    • Collaborating on creative projects

CONNECTION-CAREER WORKSHOP: Indepth Exploration of Vocational Interests and Learning the Art of Connection

4-Week Program  runs Monday through Friday 9:30am to 2:30pm
Ready to start with enrollment of four students

$2000   DISCOUNT ONLY for first workshop
$2500    FULL COST 4-Week Workshop

Program includes all services and supplies except for the expenses and tickets for community activities, and the costs of meals are eaten out.   Students have a 1/2 hour lunch break, so Autism Unites encourages all students to bring a prepared lunch to class each day.

Students leave program with a person-centered vocational plan that identifies 2 to 3 jobs they would like, the skills needed to succeed in the position, list of employers that hire in their field, and a plan with the steps needed to find and keep the job of their dreams.

Program Highlights

  • Students decide on 2 to 3 career choices and research the education and experience requirements and pay scales for each one
  • Match A Friend one-on-one support that is available for all classroom and community activities
  • Students receive instruction in:
    • Interview essentials
    • Dressing for success
    • Networking necessities
    • Executive functioning
    • Sensory regulation
    • Nutrition and healthy eating
    • The Art of Connection
  • Students participate in:
    • Weekly drum circle
    • Mindfulness meditation
    • Weekly class on the Art of Connection
    • Informational interviews with local professionals and business owners in their field of interest
    • Fun community-based field trips to facilitate connections and positive memories with classmates, instructors, and Match A Friends 


$8500    DISCOUNT ONLY: 10-1-14 Combo Res/Career Program  
$10000  REGULAR COST: Combo Residential/Career Program

Covers all program costs including tuition for and 2-Month  Residential Workshop and 4-Week Career-Connection Workshop Additional cost is a $400 student living allowance that covers the cost of food, meals eaten out,  personal expenses, activity admittance fees, and tickets for community events.


$75 per hour         Life Coaching
$45 per hour         Residential
                                        Community Integration
                                        Vocational Supports
For families where Residential and/or Career-Connection Workshops are out of their budget,  Autism Unites will develop a tailored package of services that include one-on-one supports in home and community-based activities and vocational placement and support in paid, unpaid, and volunteer jobs.

Parent life coaching is also available and is highly recommended for some families to the dynamics of the parent-adult child relationship to best integrates all of the support services provided by Autism Unites.


For families that do not live in the West Los Angeles area, consultations and caregiver training can be done online via Skype and on the phone by conference call.  Costs for our personally designed programs are assessed on a case by case basis.



$250  Autism Awareness Education Training
For up to 25 employees

Job Development for Young Adults with Autism
For any local businesses and non-profit organizations that would like to hire a young adult with autism, Autism Unites will work with the employer to develop paid, unpaid, and volunteer job opportunities.

All job development opportunities include a Match A Friend Vocational Support person to help the young adult with proglem solving and to stay connected to everyone in the worksplace.


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