Parent Support

Autism Unites is here to help parents feel more competent in their roles as mothers and fathers to young adults with autism and to stay connected to their families, their friends, and most importantly, to themselves.

As any parent will confirm, raising a child presents many unique challenges throughout the child’s life.  Raising a child with autism is no different.  It’s just that the types of challenges are more varied and usually greatly intensified.

Because participating in organized sporting activities is usually too overwhelming for their children, these parents don’t have a chance to bond with other parents on the soccer or baseball field while they watch their children play sports.  Because of their unique social challenges,  the child with autism is sometimes excluded from birthday party and play dates, and this makes it tough for these parents  to socialize with other parents.

The types of supports for children with autism also make raising the child very isolating.  These parents drive their children to speech, occupational, and physical therapy appointments.  Many times therapists come to the home.

Due to all of these factors, unless they actively seek out friends, support groups, or regular participation in community activities, these parents opportunities to connect.

To help parents navigate the complex world of raising a child with autism, Autism Unites is offering opportunities for parents to connect and find support from professionals as well as other parents.  These services will expand as Autism Unites grows and funding sources and sponsors are located.

Check out Autism Unites is developing for parents:

Parent Support Meetings

Moms Happy Hour at the Culver Hotel


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