Team: Arman Khodaei

Aran KhodaeiArman Khodaei provides training services for Autism Unites employee’s and staff. Arman is a young adult with autism. He is a program director for Empower Autism Now. Arman mission is to empower young adults  with autism and asperger’s reach their  full potentials.

Arman is working towards positively shifting the perception of what autism is on a worldwide level through his blog, YouTube videos, empowerment groups, documentaries, and speaking engagements. His desire is for everyone involved in the autism community to accept, understand, and communicate effectively with each other.


  • Facilitates Autism Empowerment Groups throughout Southern California. Membership is nearly 200 members. One group meets at the San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center
  • Teaches leadership to new members who are taking on a facilitator/leadership role through the empowerment groups
  • Appointed to the planning committee for the first ever annual Autism Conference at Inland Regional Center.
  • Appointed member for the Autism Task Force Committee for the California State Senate.


  • Tutored autistic individuals on a 1-on-1 basis for five years.
  • Involved in the production of the documentary Autism in Love.
  • Published essays and articles on autism in Nota Bene 2004Heart of Lake County Magazine,, and
  • Maintains a blog with over 400 entries focused on autism.
  • Maintains a YouTube channel on autism. Over 400 videos available. Several videos have over 10,000 views. Highest viewed video has over 70,000 hits so far.
  • Ran for City Council at the age of 21 in 2006. Received 1500 votes on a budget of zero dollars.
  • Received honorary award from Board of Director of San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center. 


  • Keynote Speaker at the “World Autism Awareness Day Conference” hosted at California Mentor on April 2nd 2011.
  • Spoke to the Department of Rehabilitation regarding autism
  • Presented at Corona Norco Unified School District and was asked to come back and speak two more times.
  • Trained at Temecula Valley Unified School District on four occassions.
  • Presented at Murrietta Unified School District.
  • Speaker at Chaffey College and presenter at Azusa Pacific University in 2010, 2011, and 2012.
  • So far, over 50 speaking engagements within the past 3 years and also training’s for autism certificates.

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Providing Autism Community Integration Solutions