Team: Monique Golis, PhD

Photo Monique Golis w150

Dr. Monique Golis is an experienced client-focused mental health professional with more than 20 years of experience,  She possesses comprehensive qualifications in group and individual therapy, excellent crisis management abilities, and sound leadership skills.

Dr. Monique Golis is well versed in multiple therapeutic modalities and has delivered effective treatments to clients with severe diagnoses in both direct care and supervisory roles including the role of Program Manager and Facility Director for highly impacted children and adults with autism.  Her background demonstrates strengths in conducting thorough assessments, devising holistic treatment plans, creating program curricula, and maintaining collaborative relationships with family members, multidisciplinary medical staff, and community resources.

Dr. Golis received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 2004. She has been recognized for her creative approaches to therapy and demonstrated commitment to empowering clients to heal and grow through movement, art, songwriting, psychodrama, and other mind-body techniques.

Dr. Golis is joining Autism Unites as the Program Director of Santa Ynez Valley Vocational Academy of Arts & Science for young adults with autism. She is inspired by the far reaching contribution of Match-A-Friend community integration model which will bring jobs and sustainability to our community.

The enclosed resume (PDF format) describes Dr. Golis’s qualifications in greater detail.

Resume – Monique Golis


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