Work is an important aspect of our lives for several reasons.

It enables us to be self-sustainable so we can cover our living expenses, enjoy community activities, and  save for future vacations and weekend get-aways.

It is the place where most of our social contacts are initiated and developed.

It is the main source of future work referrals since most employers fill job openings from references of friends, colleagues,  and staff already employed within their organization.

Autism Unites includes vocational supports as a key element of their residential program.  The supports offered through the Los Angeles Vocational Academy of the Arts (LAVAArts) delve deeper into the career aspirations of our young adults.  LAVAArts will also be developing self-sustainable micro-enterprises based our young adults interests, experience, and aptitudes.

Click on the links below to learn about our vocational supports for young adults:

Los Angeles Vocational Academy of the Arts (LAVAarts)

LAVAarts Career Workshop

Autism Unites also offers workplace training and on-the-job supports to employers that are interested in employing young adults with autism.

Employer Engagement


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Providing Autism Community Integration Solutions